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Somewhere at the intersection of Kraftwerk and Daft Punk sits French producer and multi instrumentalist Dombrance. Dombrance Live is a multimedia performance, with the artist surrounded by synthesizers and pedals – presenting his infectious pounding electronic sounds.

Bertrand, a cello player since age 7, transitioned to electric guitar influenced by Grunge and Pink Floyd, setting his path towards making people dance. Graduating from Paris’ premier school of sound in 1998, he released his debut album with Virgin in 2005, showcasing his multi-instrumental skills. Joining the band ‘Brooklyn’ in 2007, they toured globally, infusing Manchester’s sound into their music, which led Bertrand to create the band DBFC, a fusion of guitar and electronic music. In 2018, Bertrand embraced his solo electronic project – a new kind of French touch music that mixes infectious electro and disco beats. His latest project, “République Électronique,” reimagines French political history through electronic music. Despite acclaim, Bertrand remains apolitical, focusing on bringing joy through music.

Riding on the wind of an extremely successful run, which saw the talented producer release his debut full-length album and perform relentlessly across the globe – Dombrance is back with new music that is bound to send shockwaves across the scene.

2023 saw some memorable live highlights including performing twice at the iconic Rabbit Hole Stage at Glastonbury Festival, a sell out Mayan Warrior in Downtown Los Angeles, playing before Underworld at Tropico Festival in Mexico and a truly memorable show at FORMAT Festival in Bentonville Arkansas, where he worked closely with D&B Soundscape – presenting his mesmerising show in fully immersive sound.

On 2024 March 1st Dombrance released the Double Trouble EP on the international label Discolypso – closing the book for now on a long running theme of pairing French politicians to his music.

Long live “République Électronique,” long live Dombrance!


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