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BJØRNSON’s profound passion for techno resonates deeply in every aspect of his being. Based in Stuttgart, he’s become a standout figure in underground techno over the past decade, with powerful productions and mesmerizing performances that transport listeners to another realm.

His global recognition is rapidly growing, evidenced by his exclusive sets for MIXMAG and Transmission’s New York radio show, as well as opening for electronic music luminaries and hosting a popular podcast. With a distinct sound characterized by massive drums, epic breaks, and dark synths, his tracks are making waves on essential labels and in clubs worldwide.

In 2023, his release “Freddie” soared to the top of the Beatport charts, earning him acclaim as one of the National Breakthrough Artists by FAZEmag in 2024. BJØRNSON’s relentless dedication to techno continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

“…Bjørnson is rapidly solidifying his place as one of the standout names in the german music landscape…”
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